As Karl Popper claimed in his book The Logic of Scientific Discovery (1934), scientific knowledge is the only way to understand reality.

We at Dinámica Fundación believe that critical analysis is the key tool to advancing this claim and we hold that scientific hypotheses will only be conclusive upon observation and testing.

Accordingly, we are committed to promoting curiosity and participation and encourage the development of habits of inquiry, research, comparison and inference with a view to arriving at a process of rational deduction.

This challenge is one taken up by anyone who has cultural or scientific interests, or who simply entertains any type of rational doubt, given that there are still lots of problems to be solved by science or the interpretation of which raise uncertainties.

A proper scientific training, a positive frame of mind and the inquisitive effort constitute the compulsory framework within which scientific progress is made, as well as representing the requisite attributes to undertake any intellectual adventure. Let us not forget Einstein’s words: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”.

Accordingly, we encourage all those touched by curiosity about the behaviour of those elements that make up our reality to enter into the fascinating world of scientific research.


Gabriel Barceló Rico-Avello

President of Dinámica Fundación